Business Name: FURGO
Business Description:

Fugro is the world’s leading Geo-data specialist, collecting and analysing comprehensive information about the Earth and the structures built upon it. Through integrated data acquisition, analysis and advice, we unlock insights from Geo-data to help our clients design, build and operate their assets in a safe, sustainable and efficient manner.
Providing accurate, up-to-date information in a safer, faster more affordable way, with limited disruption to railway traffic, to help rail professionals worldwide design, build, upgrade and maintain railway infrastructure. By creating a 3D virtual model of the railway corridor – including track, catenary, switches and crossings, cable runs, trackbed, earthworks and structures – our RailData services help you deliver improved efficiencies in asset management and engineering.

Keywords: raildata, rail consultation, track analysis, vegetation,
Contact Email: m.seetoh@fugro.com
Contact Name: Enez See Toh