Below Rail & Track Grinding

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Integrated Recycling is the creator and manufacturer of the Duratrack recycled plastic railway sleeper

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MATISA Australia
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MATISA strives to be a 100% reliable partner to our customers our personnel and our suppliers in order to deliver products which fully meet the rail networks’ requirements.

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The primary focus of Projex Group is to provide innovative sound & vibration attenuation rail products to support the industry in delivering world-class rail solutions. The Projex Damtec Sub-Ballast Matting (SBM) is an isolation and protection mat for all types of railway construction & infrastructure maintenance in heavy rail, heavy haul rail, high speed, rapid transit and light rail networks / systems.

The Sub Ballast Mat (SBM) absorbs vibrations and considerably reduces acoustic emissions as well as structure borne sound transmissions. It protects sub-grade formation and reduces frequency of the ballast maintenance requirement(s) through reduced vibration and better-balanced loading. The Projex Damtec® Sub Ballast Mat is available in three different thicknesses to suit your requirements: 10mm, 15mm and 20mm.

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