Business Description:

PROCECO manufactures heavy-duty, automatic parts washers, degreasers, and parts cleaning systems specifically designed for railway / transit maintenance processes in depots and component manufacturing facilities. Our industrial parts washers are engineered to clean components to spec in a short cycle time without the use of harmful solvents.

PROCECO’s solutions include locomotive truck and engine washers, heavy-duty spray cabinets, heavy-duty power-spray type belt washers, conveyor washers, and high-pressure deburring systems.

We offer component-cleaning equipment that is specifically designed to clean the following components:
• Bogies / trucks: locomotives and rail cars for freight, light rail, and metro
• Wheelsets
• Diesel engine blocks and components
• Belts
• Power assemblies
• Traction motors
• Gearcases
• Main generators
• Bearings
• Axles

PROCECO equipment offers clients the following advantages:
• Reduces time and effort required to clean parts
• Removes tough soils prior to overhauling
• Delivers clean parts in short cycle time
• Increases production
• Provides a safe working environment for operators
• Cuts operating costs
• Customizable to suit your exact needs
• Environmentally friendly, water-based cleaning solution

Phone: 1 514-254-8494
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